Breakfast at Mimi’s

This morning we went to brunch with my mom at Mimi’s Cafe. Anyone who has been there knows their servings are big, and their muffins are to die for. I looked for something with lots of protein, ended up having a breakfast ciabatta breakfast sandwich, thinking that was probably a pretty good choice, with egg, bacon, ham, spinach, tomato. I even skipped the included muffin. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

Later tonight, while typing this post, I went back to the menu to see how to spell ciabatta, and happened to see the nutrition information, and nearly felt my arteries constrict. It had 53 grams of fat, and 944 calories. HOLY MOLY! that works out to 23 points. Good thing I skipped the muffin. SO the lesson here is, watch out, those fat grams can sneak up on you pretty darn fast!

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