An off week, but still a good result

Another week has gone by, and my highlight was trying to find out how many weeks I am going to spending in NYC in October. Right now, it’s looking like 3 out 4. This will be a serious test of my commitment, as anyone who has been to NYC can tell you. Food a plenty. My biggest problem when I travel is drinking enough water. When I am home, I drink over a half gallon a day, probably closer to three quarter gallon.

I wasn’t so careful this week in my choices, and it shows. But still, a pound is a pound, so keep going, right. I am averaging 2.3 pounds a week, a pretty healthy rate so far. I am sure this will go down to closer to one pound per week over time. My total loss, 9.2 pounds, almost 2 bags of flour. It helps to put things in perspective like that, to know what you really have lost. I feel my clothes starting to fit a little better, so that is some encouragement too. I have a whole slew of clothes hanging in the closet, still with tags on, waiting to be worn.

Tomorrow I go out to the train park again, to be an engineer. I didn’t go today to do maintenance work, and I really missed being out there, in the fresh air, getting some exercise and moving around. So I am looking forward to tomorrow. Those of you in the Phoenix area, come on out between 12 and 4:30, it’s a lot of fun.

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