Like a Phoenix…well, almost

It’s been a while since I have sat down and put thought to keyboard. November 22 seems like it was a century ago. Since then, Christmas and New Years came and went, and I am happy to say, I maintained my weight across the holidays. There’s something to be said for that!

Shortly after new years, I had a small medical issue that put me in the hospital for a few days. My heart decided to see what it feels like to beat at 260 beats per minute. I can tell you, it’s an interesting feeling, kinda like large marbles rolling around in your chest. Turns out, I had a short circuit, or more correctly, an arcing circuit on my heart. Thanks to modern medicine, that issue has been fixed, permanently!

Now, like a Phoenix out of the ashes…well, not really ashes, but anyway, I am back on track, made it through Superbowl Sunday with only a medium stomach ache, and living each day with a little more appreciation of life. I know it sounds cliched, and I didn’t think I was dying, but still, having someone mess around with your heart, cause something isn’t working right, does tend to refocus you a bit. My wonderful wife, who was a trooper while I was in the hospital, is also embracing the need to be healthy, and together, we are cooking more at home, and discovering new meals and foods we really enjoy. It’s also showing in our finances…it’s amazing how much going out all the time really cuts into the cash.

So, these are my not so deep thoughts for now, and going forward, I hope to be posting more again. There are travels in my future, to some near and not so near places, so things will be interesting.

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